We just fall in love to the very sweet Catalan Mas which come from the last century and wherewe can found a families vineyard.
A ideal place near the downtown, less than 10 minutes; two km from the highway, and fifteen minutes from the beach.
In the past the Mas was re-established by the famous Danish architect Viggo Porph-Petersen, who leaved a significative mark in the district (Aubiry, Esparrou, Valmy).

For the wonderful days do not abridged to the pleasure that’s given the breakfast on the terrace of the mas, with the delicious Mediterranean smells.

For the most lezzy, a sleep is possible inside the hammock or at the swimming pool at the cicada songs beat.

For the most sportive, what do you think about a ping-pong or French bowling play? You can also to do a jogging all around the very sweet canal which coming close to the House (around 30 km).