Enjoy the charm of a park, a health run along a tree-lined canal, a swimming pool, or tour around and discover Collioure on the coast, Castelnou in the back country, the Canigou and the Pyrenees or even dance a sardane at the foot of the Castillet, all arounds perpignan city

Centre Ville

L’arrière Pays

  • The Canigou: Top peaked to 2784.66km; he’s offered a view of 360°. On his slop we can found some of wonderful Roman’s chapels and abbeys (St Martin du Canigou, St Michel de Cuxa). On his top, the 23th of June is Saint Jean’s the lights.
  •  The Cathares’s Castles: This country, famous by his Vauban’s sign fortress, holds a lot of castle as Peyreperthuse, one of the most beautiful examples of Catharses’ fortress. It was one of the older defense line from the “Cinq fils de Carcassonne”; as well there is the Quéribus Castle which, with his location, allows to monitor on the totality of the Roussillon’s country.
  • La route des vins: (The Wine Road): At the heart of them valley, Roussillon’s winemakers will be discover to you the diversity from them country with fifteen grapes, which come from a exceptional wine list: AOC wine, red, rosé or white. The vineyard rise around Perpignan, Mediterranean Sea, Corbieres and Pyrenees’s mountains. The Agly’s wine road course the main wine’s city and villages, from the country. In a road trip, in the clockwise, it crosses this city: Maury, Tautavel, Vingrau, Estagel…
  • Ceret:  A village where life is good. With his climate, his colors, and his sky’s lights, his borne the Cubist motion (Ceret city is called the Cubism’s Mecca) works make it by Picasso, Braqe or Herbin… are to discovering in the Modern Art Museum.
  • Castelnou: Rank in the most beautiful city in the France, you will find his “vicomtal” castle with at the back the Canigou’s Mount, mythical mountains of all Catalans.

La Côte Vermeille

  • Collioure: Jewel from Catalan coast, with his cut harbor, snug of the wind, at the bottom of the Real Castle (summer house of the Majorques Kings). His famous bell tower with at the bottom pleasant sand and shingle beach for polish your tan. For finish, the Impressionist road, throughout you will discovered Collioure’s landscapes painting by the most famous artists as Derain, Matisse or Dufy.
    Unavoidable, a door in Roque and Desclaux’s houses who take care of the tradition “Anchois de Collioure”. For finish, do not forget a little lunch stop in a wine cavern which will to propose you a wine selection from the country
  • PortVendres: Port Vendres was founded by the Phoenicians in the 6th centuryBCand was the first commercial port of Roussillon used to connect the Western world to the Eastern world.

    At the foot of the mountain of the Albères, along theMediterranean SeaPort-Vendres, a small seaside resort of theVermeille coast deemed discovers its fishing portTo the East of Port-Vendres begins the path ofCape Beara great course in corniche punctuated of wildlandscapes…

  • Paulilles: Nestled between the Bear Cap and Cape Oullestrell, all two sites, the Cove of Paulilles contains three beaches separated by rockypromontories : the beach of bernardi at the north, and theplaya del Mitg at the south. 
  • Toreilles: Benefiting from a rich soil and a preserved nature, Torreilles remains one of the last sanctuaries of the Mediterranean. Its long wild beach, sheltered from the dunes, is a real oasis classified at the conservatory of the coast (beach clubs in the summer).